"Yoga should free the mind. Yoga should free the soul. Yoga should free the body. Yoga should be free."  - Queen Levine


Spiritual Gangsta Yoga is the founder of FREE YOGA in Tucson, and advocates for free yoga every body everywhere, so a wider diversity of people can try it out and choose to practice yoga. Free Yoga bridges every economic barrier, and all other social barriers that keep us apart. Yoga like music brings  us together. 

Deep House Yoga At The Park w/ Carla and DJ Elektra Tek

Enjoy this slow deep yoga flow practice with Carla Perez and DJ Elektra Tek- A great morning practice set at the park with plenty of modification cues. This is a perfect  practice for yoga for beginners or anyone looking for a slower practice  with a focus on the breath.   

Yoga Nidra For Sleep With Relaxing Music w/ Sandra

Yoga Nidra For Sleep is a systematic guided meditation that induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It's a simple and powerful way to reduce stress and the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Find a quiet space, reduce the light, click play and follow the instructions of the voice. Yoga Nidra is best practiced lying down on the back or in a chair. Also an eye pillow and headphones are recommended but not needed. Enjoy the deep relaxation. 

Thank You!